Virus Media Search Engine Marketing Agency

Our company, the Virus Media Search Engine Marketing Agency is one of the largest Google Adwords agency in Hungary, which has been running and managing the online advertising campaigns of small- and medium-sized businesses of both Hungarian and international companies since 2009.

Since 2013, our agency is represented on the international market as well, thus we were happy to open our first office abroad in Barcelona to serve our Western European customers. Thanks to the rapidly expanding overseas customer needs, we opened our first office in New York in October 2016.

The agency owner Ádám Mészáros is not only our leading search engine marketing consultant, but also has Google, Bing and HubSpot Inbound certifications, furthermore, he has been engaged in search engine optimization and search engine marketing since 2005. He also has been regularly lecturing social media marketing and online marketing courses at several colleges and universities in Hungary.

All of our team members are highly-trained professional social media marketing and online marketing agents with Google-qualified certifications. Since further training is essential in this business, our consultants and developers are regularly involved in both Hungarian and international conferences where they can learn from the best professionals.

Why our Virus Media Search Engine Marketing Agency is unique?

With our developers, we've created a custom platform that can be used to create and manage even thousands of AdWords campaigns. Also with our professional IT department, we can create websites which both graphically and structurally meet today’s web standards to have good page rank on the biggest search engine platforms’ result pages.

Why choose our agency?

  • We have direct Google Connection with the Dublin Center
  • We are a featured Google Agency
  • We have a dedicated Google advisor at Google Center
  • We have 24-hour professional customer service both via email and phone
  • We provide exclusivity in the given market segment
  • We provide our clients with exclusive counseling, so they do not need to keep in touch with several agents at the same time regarding the campaign's details they are currently running
  • Upon request we can prepare a monthly report which is designed to be easy to understand
  • We constantly keep in touch with our clients via email or phone on the status of the running projects
  • We can handle campaign setups and further management in 10 languages

Our services:

  • Creating Click-Based Search Ads (AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Affiliate, LinkedIn, Youtube)
  • Creating Facebook Fan Pages
  • Designing Facebook LIKE collecting campaigns
  • Developing Facebook applications 
  • Providing Search Engine Optimization
  • Writing SEO analysis
  • Establishing a Web Analytical System
  • Planning and executing link building
  • Creating competition analysis
  • Providing up-to-date website development
  • Providing graphic design and implementation

Our courses:

  • Google AdWords personal advice and education
  • Google Analytics personal advice and education
  • Practical training of Google Webmaster Tools
  • Social media consulting and education Please feel free to ask us for a free quote!


You can trust in Virus Media Search Engine Marketing Agency, because your AdWords campaigns will be handled by highly-trained and experienced Google-certified professionals!
  • Mit jelent a Core Web Vitals?
    Vírus Média Keresőmarketing Ügynökség

    Mit jelent a Core Web Vitals?

    A digitális világban a weboldalak teljesítménye és felhasználói élménye kulcsfontosságú tényezőkké váltak. A Google ennek jegyében vezette be a Core Web Vitals mérőszámokat, amelyek segítenek a weboldalak teljesítményének értékelésében.

  • Kulcsszókutatás és PPC kampányok
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    Kulcsszókutatás és PPC kampányok

    A digitális marketing világában a kulcsszókutatás és a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) kampányok két elengedhetetlen összetevő. Mindkét eszköz kulcsszerepet játszik abban, hogy a megfelelő üzenet a megfelelő közönséghez jusson el.